Victor Karbivsky was appointed CEO of Limagrain Ukraine

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Viktor Karbivsky was appointed CEO of Limagrain Ukraine.

This was reported by the company press service.

As a reminder, since 2008 the position of CEO of Limagrain Ukraine was occupied by Tatyana Henry-Yakubovskaya. The change of leadership occurred due to her transition to her appointment in the US based Limagrain company.

Victor Karbivsky, who worked as Commercial Officer of Limagrain Ukraine until his appointment, takes office on July 1.

«I have been a successful agronomist and businessman, and this is an opportunity to realize my potential as a business leader and manager. In my youth, I went in for boxing, active kinds of sports, where there is struggle, where will, determination and perseverance are required. So I have a sense of distance and energy, necessary to overcome it», — said Victor Karbivsky.

He added that the company's movement and development strategy would remain unchanged, although tactical approaches to the implementation of this strategy may alter.

«The strength of our company is flexibility, aimed at our partners. The company’s global goal will not change. I would like to develop and complete the team, make it even more professional; structure the business by departments, carefully saving all company’s achievements in order to constantly increase market share. The main aim is to put the right product in the right hands», — Viktor Karbivsky summed up.

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