Elevatorist.com has launched an updated Elevator Map

Elevatorist.com has improved the design of the Elevator Map and expanded its functionality.

From now on, one can find all the elevators in Ukraine on a real map, trace their bindings to the road and railways, and see how many elevators are located in this or that region.

For the convenience of users, the map is supplemented with new "Search" filters. Now you can sort:

  • granaries with the same storage capacity located in Ukraine;
  • granaries by the railway acceptance and shipment,
  • elevators with grain dryers;
  • elevators with laboratories;
  • elevators that accept their own or customer's grain.

In addition, existing search filters sort elevators by the regions and companies. Users can also search the elevators supplied with equipment from the manufacturers they are interested in.

One more feature will be available in a month. Under each elevator, there will be a card to display the advanced technical specifications and contacts of the granary. Apart from that, the user will be able to answer the question — is the customer satisfied with the services provided at this elevator?

Let us remind that the Elevator Map is a joint project of Elevatorist.com and the Grain Capital Group of companies, which produces elevator equipment and provides all kinds of elevator services (project design, installation, construction, aspiration, automation, service).

The Map was designed to systematize information about the elevator industry, which is necessary not only for elevator businessmen but also for external contractors.

"The Map helps elevator businessmen to comprehend the competitive environment of the industry. Having such an objective database, one can always understand what storage capacity has his neighbor, which equipment (productivity and manufacturer) it used, keep in contact and receive feedback on the quality of the equipment, and on design and technological solutions in general. Thus, the owners of the elevator business have a clue about the expediency of further expansion of the business, or, conversely, possible risks due to high competition in the market", – says Vitaly Galich, Commercial Director of the Grain Capital Group of Companies.

According to Vitaly Galich, other market participants also receive the necessary information thanks to the Map.

"The agricultural producer sees where the nearest elevator is located, compares the possibilities for acceptance and work-earnings. Grain traders calculate grain logistics, taking into consideration the geographical location of the elevator, the distance from the port and the possibility of accumulating the necessary lots of grain. Sellers of elevator equipment and services can also build a strategy of behavior with a potential customer for themselves, analyzing the solutions already applied at the company of interest", – notes the Commercial Director of the Grain Capital Group of Companies.

Today the information about more than 1,000 elevators in Ukraine is collected on the Elevator Map.

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