Agrarians do not Want to Overpay for the Syngenta Brand

In Ukraine, agrarians are looking for an alternative to the well-known brands of plant and seeds protection products, including the Syngenta company.

This information was reported on the "Syngenta in the court: will Ukrainian farmers hallo?"

According to Nikolay Khorolsky, an agrarian from the Dnipropetrovsk region, despite the fact that Syngenta products still remain the main product on his farm, the agrarian is already looking for other partners to avoid Syngenta's "monopoly" and to lower production costs.

"We began to use plant protection products from other companies that are not well- advertised and much cheaper. We understand that this is like "Coca-Cola", and we overpay for the brand. Therefore, we try to move away from this" says Nikolay Khorolsky.

Previously it was reported that the American jury ordered Syngenta to pay $ 217.7 million to Kansas farmers. Several other trials are rending as lawyers pursue suits on behalf of about 350 thousand corn producers claiming $ 13 billion in losses.

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