Ukraine exported a record 43.9 million tons of grain

Following the results of 2016/2017 MY, Ukraine set a new absolute record for grain exports — 43.9 million tons.

This information was reported by Nikolai Pugachev, the Deputy Director of the National Scientific Center Institute of Agrarian Economics, Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences.

The corn export amounted to 20.7 million tons, wheat totaled 17.5 million tons, and barley — 5.4 million tons.

According to him, the African countries, Asia, and Europe still remain the main customers of Ukrainian grain in the first half of 2017.

"Egypt has been the leading importer of Ukrainian grain crops for several years in the row. Its share in the total grain export in January-June 2017 amounted to 17.5%," the expert said.

The significant share of Ukrainian grain exports was accounted for by Netherlands (9.2%), Spain (8.9%), Italy (6.2%), India (5.7%), and China (5.5%). Taking into account the share of Iran, Israel, Tunisia, and Bangladesh, these countries provide approximately 70% value of grain exports.

Turkey (24.0%), Iran (16.9%), Egypt (13.3%), and Italy (5.6%) are the main buyers of oilseeds cultivated in Ukraine for 6 months of 2017. The total share of these countries accounted for approximately 60% income from selling these crops.

"India is traditionally the dominant buyer of fats and oils of Ukrainian origin. In January-June, 2017, its share in domestic exports of this type of products amounted to 32.4%. Other major importing countries are lagging behind and constitute the following amounts: Spain — 9.4%, China — 9.1%, the Netherlands — 7.4%, and Italy — 5.4%. The 5 above-mentioned countries bring Ukrainian exporters more than 63% income for these types of products," says Nikolai Pugachev.

Let us remind that the export of Ukrainian grain amounted to 1.8 million tons since the beginning of 2017/2018 MY.

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