Nika-Tera carried out simultaneous transshipment of 2 Panamax type vessels

According to the results of its work for 7 months in 2017, Nika-Tera sea special port carried out 2.53 million tons of cargo, which is 48.3% more than compared to the same period in 2016.

The information was reported by the press service of the company.

In the total volume of cargo turnover, grain transshipment amounted to 63.2% (1.6 million tons), bulk cargo reached 31.4% (796.2 thousand tons), chemical and mineral fertilizers transshipment consisted 5.35% (135.4 thousand tons) and 0.5 thousand tons of general cargo.

Throughout January-July, Nika-Tera port transshipped 146 dry-cargo ships.

"For the first time in the enterprise's history, this year in July two Panamax type vessels were simultaneously loaded at the port," said Alim Agakishiev, the head of the port.

In July 2017, the terminal transshipped 354 thousand tons of cargo, increasing the 2016 indicator by 25.8%. The grain crops in the total cargo turnover in July amounted to 61.6% (218 thousand tons), bulk cargoes reached 38.4% (135.8 thousand tons), general cargoes consisted less than 1% (0.3 thousand tons). In June the enterprise processed 19 vessels.

Let us remind that Nika-Tera sea port in the first quarter of 2017 increased the cargo transshipment by 81%: from 674 thousand tons to 1,224 thousand tons.

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