Shortage of grain carriers will lead to a decrease in grain production in Ukraine

The shortage of the necessary number of the grain hoppers is the main problem of logistics in Ukraine at the moment. In case the hopper fleet is not increased within a year, the grain production in Ukraine will decrease.

This opinion was expressed by Nikolai Gorbachev, President of the Ukrainian Grain Association, in his interview with APK-Inform.

"In its turn, without export, internal balances will provoke a decline in prices, which may even lead to the bankruptcy of many agricultural producers. And this situation may result not only in economic consequences, such as the decline in GDP and the reduction in foreign exchange earnings, but also in social issues, for example, losses of jobs and labor migration," said Nikolai Gorbachev.

The expert has noted that over the past 10-15 years, Ukraine has been steadily increasing production and exports but logistical difficulties prevent the positive development of the agricultural sector in general.

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