EU increased maize, sorghum and rye import duties by 2 times

The European Commission increased duties on imports of maize, sorghum and rye by 2.12 times.

This is reported by Zerno On-Line.

The import duty on corn, rye and sorghum has been increased from €5.16 per ton to €10.95 per ton.

Duty of €5.16 per ton was returned in August 2017 after almost three-year duty-free import of grain.

Let us remind, that the Council of the European Union on July 17 approved temporary trade preferences for Ukraine. The following annual quotas have been established: honey — 2,5 thousand tons, processed tomatoes — 3 thousand tons, wheat — 65 thousand tons, corn — 625 thousand tons, barley — 325 thousand tons.

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