Agrarian associations ask the Ministry of Justice to help restore normal grain trade

Agrarian associations of Ukraine sent an appeal to the Prime Minister and Minister of Justice with a request to register as soon as possible the order of the Ministry of Finance No. 776, which solves the problem with the blocking of tax invoices, because of which enterprises can not realize the harvested crop.

This is reported by the Uacouncil.

"We sent an appeal on behalf of all the largest agrarian associations with a request to register this order of the Ministry of Finance in the Ministry of Justice as soon as possible. If they see gaps in it and the need for improvement, they can make further changes. We ourselves have a number of proposals, but now this order can not be hindered, otherwise it will be a crime against the whole agricultural sector," said the deputy chairman of the Uacouncil Mikhail Sokolov.

The appeal was signed by the Ukrainian Council, the Association of Milk Producers, the Association Pig breeders of Ukraine, the Agrarian Union of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation and the Ukrainian Agribusiness Club.

In their appeal, agrarians stressed that most crop production is traded in autumn after harvesting, therefore problems in the work of the system and in SFS threaten to create an artificial crisis in all crop production and require an immediate solution.

"The impossibility of registering a tax invoice, which is a prerequisite for the provision of a tax credit to the buyer, leads to suspension of payment under the relevant sales contracts, and consequently jeopardizes autumn field works. This will lead to the collapse of the agro-industrial complex of Ukraine, a sharp rise in prices and a number of food products deficit," the appeal says.

Let us remind, that MP Sergei Khan said that there is no legislative basis for the automatic blocking of tax bills, it is actually outside the legal field. And no one is responsible for the erroneous blocking of tax invoices.

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