Fendt updated the Variotronic Turn Assistant

Fendt has updated the Variotronic Turn Assistant's help system by adding 2 new reversal schemes.

This is reported by Traktorist.ua.

In addition to the already installed automatic reversal schemes, the system has additional reversal turn schemes ReverseTurn (Y-shaped and K-shaped turns). This allows to perform automatic turn when working with equipment for a three-point hitch and on narrow strips.

The Y-shaped automatic reversal turn can be performed when working in small fields, and the K-shape is possible when using equipment with a three-point hitch, for example, when plowing.

Variotronic Turn Assistant is an optional addition to the VarioGuide tracking system and integrated into the Vario terminal control panel. The driver enters in the terminal the main parameters, for example, the necessary form of a turn and the size of a strip. And thanks to the Variotronic Automatisch reversal control system, the raising and lowering of the equipment is performed clearly on the headland.

Thanks to them, even unexperienced drivers will be able to drive in and out of the field equally accurately, without omissions or double-treatment areas. This saves working capital, reduces the degree of soil compaction, and also saves time for turns by eliminating additional maneuvers.

Earlier it was reported that Fendt developed an automatic device for attaching equipment VarioPull.

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