45 million tons of grain harvested in Ukraine — Harvest Online 2017

Photo by: Latifundist.com

Ukrainian agrarians threshed 45 million tons of grain. This is reported in the joint project Latifundist.com and AGCO Harvest Online 2017.

It is noted that harvesting of grain crops is carried out on 79% of the forecasted areas (11.6 million hectares), the average yield amounts to 3.89 t/ha (2016 — 3.94 t/ha).

The corn yield makes up 7.0 million tons out of 45 million tons of harvested grain. The average yield amounts to 4.35 tons/ha (2016 —5.48 tons/ha).

Soybean harvesting is carried out on the area of 1.3 million hectares or 66% of the forecast, 2.4 million tons of oilseed crop was harvested, with the average yield of 1.83 tons/ha (2016 — 2.17 tons/ha).

The sunflower harvest as of October 13 amounted to 9.8 million tons, threshing is completed on 86% of the area (5.1 million hectares), and the average yield is 1.94 t/ha (2016 — 2.19 t/ha).

Sugar beet is harvested on the area of 142 thousand hectares or 45% of the forecast (the total forecast — 318 thousand ha), the yield makes up 6.1 million tons, with the average productivity of 43.2 tons/ha (2016 — 45.6 tons/ha).

The highest yields of grain and leguminous crops are recorded in the following regions: Khmelnytsky — 5.64 t/ha, Ternopil — 5.33 t/ha, Chernivtsi — 5.31 t/ha, Vinnytsia — 5.08 t/ha, Ivano-Frankivsk — 4,81 t/ha and Lviv — 4.79 t/ha.

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