7 sugar plants produced 207 thousand tons of sugar in Vinnitsa region

As of October 30, 7 sugar plants in the Vinnitsa region produced 206.8 thousand tons of sugar.

This is reported by the press office of Vinnitsa Regional State Administration.

As of the reporting date, 1.67 million tons of sugar beet are to be processed, 1.41 million tons of which are already processed.

"To date, every 4th kilo of sugar, which is produced in Ukraine, is produced in the Vinnitsa region. All sugar plants are fully provided with raw materials for processing," the report informs.

It is also reported that as of October 30, 1.95 million tons of sugar beet are harvested from the area of 42 thousand hectares (the projected area amounts to 57.5 thousand hectares), with the productivity of 46.31 tons per hectare.

Reference: according to the joint project of Latifundist.com and AGCO Harvest Online 2017, as of October 27, 2017 Ukrainian agrarians harvested 223 thousand hectares or 70% of the areas under sugar beet.

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