Ukraine looks to expand fruit and berry exports to the European Union

Imports of Ukrainian fresh fruit and berries to the European market continue to rise, FAO reports.

With the annual value of fresh small fruit imports to the EU averaging EUR 641 million, and average annual growth of 14.9% over the past five years, it is a fast and dynamic market.

To support the country’s efforts at greater integration with international markets for agrifood products, FAO is implementing a Regional Initiative for Improving Agrifood Trade and Market Integration in Europe and Central Asia.

"As a part of the Initiative," said FAO trade economist Iryna Kobuta, "FAO is working with the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and other actors in Ukraine to develop their capacity to expand horticultural product exports to EU markets."

Ukraine’s current average exports to the EU total EUR 3.4 million — only a 0.5 percent share of EU imports. This indicates a massive opportunity for Ukraine to expand its share.

Reference: export of Ukrainian agricultural products for 10 months of 2017 increased by 23%.

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