Ovostar Union increased export of eggs by 72% in 12M 2017

A vertically integrated holding company Ovostar Union N.V. in 12M 2017 increased the volume of eggs exported to 529 mln eggs, a 72% increase from 307 mln eggs in 2016.

"Sales volume of eggs went up by 13% to 1 195 mln eggs. Sales of class A eggs to the EU during 4Q have partially contributed to the export growth in egg segment," the company reports.

Over 2017 egg production volume increased by 12% y-o-y to 1 659 mln eggs (2016: 1 479 mln eggs).

The company CEO Borys Bielikov commented:

"In 2017 along with increasing production volumes the Company was developing its export markets with stronger focus on the European Union. I am pleased to highlight that during 2017 the export volume of liquid egg products to the EU amounted to 42% of their total sales. Additionally, having started to export the class A eggs to the EU since October, their sales over just 3 months equaled to 5% of annual volume of eggs exported."

Reference: Ovostar Union's  net profit for 9M 2017 amounts to USD 7.95 million, which is 34.91% less than for the same period last year.

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