MHP increased poultry exports by 16% in 12M 2017

Agro and industrial holding Myronivsky Hliboproduct (MHP) during 12M 2017 exported 220,983 tons of poultry, which is 16% more as compared to 12M 2016.

"MHP continued to follow a strategy of both geographic diversification and a product mix optimization building-up its export volumes of chicken meat mainly in the EU and MENA countries. Out of total poultry sales volumes, poultry exports in 12M 2017 constituted around 41% vs 36% in 12M 2016," states the report.

In Q4 2017, the volume of chicken exports amounted to 45.04 thousand tons (Q4 2016: 47.65 thousand tons).

In Q4 2017, the total sales of poultry decreased 13% and amounted to 113.75 thousand tons. Annual sales remained relatively stable and amounted to 532.73 thousand tons.

"Sales of fresh chicken remained relatively stable, while sales of frozen chicken meat both on the domestic market and for exports decreased. The decrease in sales on the Ukrainian market was offset by an increase in exports," the message says.

Reference: MHP over 10 years reduced 50% energy consumption for the production of 1 kg of chicken.

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