Ukraine leads among soybean producing countries in Europe

Ukraine's share in the structure of soybean producing countries amounts to 45%. This was informed in a workshop Ukrainian soybean: organic and traditional at the exhibition Agro Spring 2018.

The structure of soybean producers in Europe in 2017/18 is as follows:

  • Ukraine — 45%;
  • European Russia — 19%;
  • Italy — 11%;
  • France — 5%;
  • Romania — 5%;
  • others — 15%.

According to the Donau Soja Association, the productivity of soybeans in Ukraine in 2013-2017 is on average 2.1 t/ha.

Among the European states, the highest yield of soybeans is in Slovenia (3.47 t/ha), Italy (3.15 t/ha), France (2.77 t/ha), Croatia (2.69 t/ha), and Germany (2.67 t/ha).

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