439k tons of grains exported from seaports over the past week

According to the preliminary data, over the period from 3 to 9 March of the current year, 438.5 thou. tons of grain crops were exported from the Ukrainian sea ports, which almost corresponds the volume a week earlier (439.1 thou. tons), APK-Inform reports.

At the same time, the structure of shipped grain cargoes changed significantly. Thus, the export of wheat and barley in the reporting week decreased to 80 thou. tons and 0.7 thou. tons, respectively. Corn exports increased 43% to 358 thou. tons.

The port of Odessa leads in terms of export volume —150 thou. tons of grain. The ports of Chernomorsk and Nikolaev exported 109 thou. tons 88 thou. tons, respectively.

The largest volumes of Ukrainian grains in the reporting week were imported by Egypt (85 thou. tons), Spain (82 thou. tons) and Indonesia (53 thou. tons).

Reference: export of grain in 2017 amounted to 41.8 million tons, which is three times higher than in 2010 and 4% more than in 2016.

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