Agriproducers are 85% supplied with mineral fertilizers

Ukrainian agricultural producers are 85% provided with mineral fertilizers for carrying out spring-summer field works, Soils Protection Institute of Ukraine informs.

"In total, agrarians ordered 995.5 thou. tons of mineral fertilizers, including nitrogen — 699.3 thou. tons, phosphorus — 164.3 thou. tons and potassium — 131.9 thou. tons," the message says.

It is noted that 703.4 thou. tons of mineral fertilizers are already purchased by now, 510.6 thou. tons of which are represented by nitrogen.

"Over the last week, agrarians purchased 60.6 thou. tons of nutrients," the message notes.

Taking into account the carry-overs, the provision of mineral fertilizers is 44 kg/ha.

Earlier it was reported that Agrarian Fund launched a spring campaign to sell Ukrainian fertilizers.

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