Corn exports in Jan-Mar 2018 totaled 6.6 MT

Ukraine in January-March 2018 exported 6.59 million tons of corn for the amount of USD 1.03 billion.

The State Fiscal Service of Ukraine (SFS) informs that the main importers of Ukrainian corn are Egypt (USD 248.52 million), China (USD 118.19 million) and the Netherlands (USD 105.09 million). Exports to these countries amounted to 1,588.15 thou. tons, 755.48 thou. tons and 671.68 thou. tons, respectively.

In 2017, Ukraine exported 19.39 million tons of corn for the amount of USD 2.99 billion.

Previously it was reported that according to Pedro Dejneka, Partner at MD Commodities (Brazil), the current rise in price of corn is situational and its value will soon decline.


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