Fruit and berries exports from Ukraine in Q1 2018 boosted 68%

In Q1 2018, the export value of Ukrainian fruit and berries amounted to USD 57 million, which is 68% more than for the corresponding period of the year 2017, the Association UKRSADPROM informs.

The main products in the commodity structure of domestic exports this year are:

  • walnuts — USD 42 million;
  • frozen berries — USD 10 million;
  • apples and pears — USD 5 million.

From the above listed groups of products only frozen berries recorded a decrease in quantitative and cost volumes of exports. The volume of walnuts exported from Ukraine increased from 7.000 tons to 13.000 tons, and apples and pears — from 6.000 tons to 14.000 tons.

The highest demand for domestic horticultural products, same as before, is in the countries of the European Union, which provide about 60% of the income of Ukrainian exporters. The major purchases of Ukrainian fruit and berries this year are made by France (USD 6.9 million), Turkey (USD 6.5 million), Poland (USD 4.0 million), Belarus (USD 3.7 million), Greece (USD 3.5 million), Germany (USD 2.8 million) and the Netherlands (USD 2.7 million).

Reference: in 2017, Ukrainian agrarians exported almost 8 thou. tons of plums and turn for the amount of USD 6.2 million.

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