Agroton's profit reduced to USD 8.3 mln

Agroton company recorded a profit of USD 8.3 mln for the year 2017 compared to USD 21.8 mln the previous year, Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) informs.

The company's revenue totaled USD 51.79 mln vs USD 44.23 mln in 2016. The gross profit decreased to USD 16.37 mln (2016: USD 26.69 mln). Operating profit amounted to USD 8.52 mln (2016: USD 23.32 mln).

Net finance costs made up USD 0.13 mln vs USD 8.63 mln in 2016.

Reference: Agroton informed about timely and full repayment of interest payment on notes deferred coupon in the amount of USD 2.27 mln. Maturity date — 14 January 2019.

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