In Q1 2018 Ukraine filled eight quotas

Within three months of 2018, Ukrainian exporters have already filled duty-free quotas for 8 types of agricultural products, the Institute of Agrarian Economics NSC informs.

Quotas for wheat, corn, honey, apple and grape juices, malt, a quarterly quota for poultry meat, and semi-annual quotas for butter were filled. For most other products, the average percentage of filled quotas is low.

In 2018, the quotas for certain commodity positions will grow as planned, in particular for sugar, starch, juices, bran, barley, wheat, corn, lamb and others.

For Ukraine, there are 8 additional preferential quotas for honey, grape juice, barley, processed tomatoes, oats, wheat, corn and barley.

Reference: Ukraine fills its quotas for the export of flour over the period of two weeks. This was stated by Ihor Kobelia, Head of the Ukrainian Flour Milling Company, within the framework of the conference Black Sea Grain 2018.

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