In April Ukrainian sea ports reduced export deliveries by 10%

In April, 3.1 mln tons of main grain crops were exported from Ukraine's seaports, which is 10% less than the previous month (3.5 mln tons), APK-Inform reports.

Experts report that wheat exports in April 2018 increased 17% (to 985 thou. tons), while barley and corn exports decreased 58% (to 29 thou. tons) and 17% (to 1 mln tons), respectively.

In April, the largest volume of wheat was shipped by TIS (119 thou. tons), barley — Iyichevsk Grain Terminal (19 thou. tons), corn — Danube shipping and stevedoring company (268 thou. tons).

The major importer of wheat and corn in the reported period is Egypt — 197 thou. tons and 325 thou. tons, respectively. The largest volume of barley was purchased by Saudi Arabia (19 thou. tons).

Reference: in March 2018, 3.51 million tons of main grain crops were shipped for export from the seaports of Ukraine, which is 40% more than in the previous month.

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