Absence of the Head of the Agrarian Ministry discourages investments

A year without a Head of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine turned into a significant loss of potential investments and grants, Kurkul.com writes.

In particular, one of the officials, who anonymously provided a comment, noted that the status of the acting Head of the Ministry does not give the necessary powers and, accordingly, removes the full responsibility from the current Head of the Ministry Maxim Martynyuk.

"Many grant international projects fell through. Europeans simply do not understand who will personally be responsible for the allocated funds, when there is no minister plenipotentiary. Therefore, the development of many programs and areas is tempered or even terminated," Kurkul.com source stresses.

Note: the status of the acting Minister does not give Maxim Martynyuk the right to vote at the Cabinet meetings, so he personally cannot influence the decisions making in the interest of the industry.

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