The new season started with high prices for barley — Risoil

The new marketing year began with high prices for feed barley, Risoil informs on the company's Facebook page.

Last season, the first cargo was traded at USD 140-145 CPT port. This is USD 30 per ton lower than the current prices in the ports. For example, as of Tuesday, quotes for barley reach USD 177-180 per ton of CPT ports of Ukraine.

"Two weeks of the new season at the Risoil Terminal showed that the average test value of barley is higher than 630 g/l. The data is within normal parameters, yet lower than last season. Then in the first two months of summer, this parameter was close to 700 g/l," the company comments.

Previously it was reported that Risoil had started accepting rapeseed of the new crop in Razdelnaya, Odessa region. On June 9-10, the first trucks delivered the crop to the elevator.

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