Agromino finished winter wheat and early crops harvesting in Ukraine

Agromino has finished the harvest of its main commodity — winter wheat in all three clusters (21 thou. hectares) and other early crops.

The group result for wheat for all three clusters is 3.16 t/ha which is 72% of the planned budget (4.36 t/ha).

"Recent rains have postponed the wheat harvest in both Kharkiv clusters and negatively influenced the quality of grain," the company reports.

Harvest of oilseed rape (1822 ha) was also finished and the group result is 1.17 t/ha brutto which is 58% of the planned budget (2.00 t/ha).

Harvest of peas (1947 ha) finished with the group result 2.68 t/ha brutto which is 85% of the planned budget (3.16 t/ha).

All four mentioned commodities accounted for 62,8 % of budgeted crop revenues.

Reference: Agromino finished the harvest of winter wheat in Nikolaev region (4080 ha), the first one of its three clusters.

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