Winter crops sown on 90% of the planned areas — Sowing Online 2018/19

By October 16, 2018, winter grain crops have been planted on the area of 6.4 mln ha, or 89% of the total of 7.2 mln ha.

According to the data of the Sowing Online 2018/19 Project, the sown areas by the winter crops are as follows:

  • wheat — 5.6 mln ha or 91% (2017: 5.3 mln ha);
  • rye — 113 thou. ha or 76% (2017: 137 thou. ha);
  • barley — 713 thou. ha or 82% (2017: 567 thou. ha).

Winter rapeseed is sown on the area of 1 mln ha or 113% since the projected area was 888 thou. ha (2017: 830 thou. ha).

Follow the progress of winter crops sowing campaign and stay up to date with the latest news in the Sowing Online 2018/19 Project.

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