Bunge net income in Q3 2018 increased fourfold

Bunge in Q3 2018 increased its net income fourfold to USD 365 million against USD 92 million in the corresponding period in 2017.

According to the company's report, net income per common share rose to USD 2.39 (EPS in 3Q 2017: USD 0.59).

Net income in nine months of 2018 (Jan-Sep) increased by USD 112 million to USD 332 million.

EBIT for Q3 2018 grew by USD 360 million to USD 535 million. EBIT results in agribusiness stood at USD 485 million. In January-September 2018, EBIT increased 1.8 times to USD 667 million.

"In Agribusiness, we expect our full-year 2018 EBIT results to be in the upper half of the range of USD 800 million to USD 1.0 billion, with fourth quarter results to be driven primarily by our Northern Hemisphere oilseeds operations," the message says.

Earlier the company informed about Christos Dimopoulos appointment as President for Agribusiness.

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