Sunflower seeds deliveries down 20% in 2018

Within the year 2018, Ukraine delivered 58.7 thou. tons of sunflower seeds to foreign markets. This volume is by 19.83% (14.53 thou. tons) less than in 2017.

By the data of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine (SFSU), the key importers in the reporting period are as follows:

  • Turkey — 19.87 thou. tons (USD 9.55 million);
  • Italy — 10.14 thou. tons (USD 4.87 million);
  • Romania — 4.15 thou. tons (USD 1.99 million).

It should be noted, that Turkey increased sunflower imports by 26% compared with the relevant period of the previous year.

Earlier it was reported that the volume of world exports of soybeans in December 2018 decreased by 5.5% compared with the same month a year earlier and amounted to 8.37 million tons.

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