NIBULON initiated a USD 19 mln grain terminal construction in Zaporizhia region

The NIBULON company started the construction of a new transshipment terminal in the village of Ternivka (Vilnyansky district, Zaporizhia region). Construction works have been carried out on the site for a month now, informs.

"Commissioning of the new branch is scheduled for June 2019. The amount of investments in the project makes up USD 19 million," the company said.

NIBULON will perform dredging to 1,821 m of the left tributary of the Dnieper, Ploskaya Osokorovka river, to ensure the water approach to the transshipment terminal. As a result of dredging works, 286 thou. m³ of soil will be extracted from the bottom of the river.

About 70 contractors will be involved in the construction of the terminal.

As previously reported, NIBULON stared building of a second fueling station for its own use and ensuring the needs of petroleum products.

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