Imperia-Agro faces USD 10 mln claims in Ukrainian court

A number of claims were filed with the Economic Court of Kyiv against the Imperia-Agro company for the recovery of funds in the amount of UAH 259.9 million (USD 9.71 million).

Previously reported that for the claim of Agrotrade Ukraine LTD, the court had opened bankruptcy proceedings over Imperia-Agro and set the date for the preliminary court hearing on May 29th, 2019.

On opening the bankruptcy proceeding over Imperia-Agro, a number of companies filed a lawsuit claiming the debts recovery.

The list of companies filling a lawsuit against Imperia-Agro includes:

  • Nufarm Ukraine (Nufarm) — UAH 108.69 million;
  • Syngenta AG — UAH 38.83 million;
  • Monsanto Ukraine — UAH 22.71 million;
  • DuPont Ukraine — UAH 22.16 million;
  • MARGO — UAH 10.07 million;
  • Agrotrade Ukraine LTD — UAH 9.73 million;
  • Rich Harvest — UAH 8.57 million;
  • Agrotrade ND — UAH 7.88 million;
  • NOPOSON-AGRO — UAH 7.5 million;
  • Trade House Nasіnnya — UAH 6.68 million;
  • Goodvalley Ukraine — UAH 5.92 million;
  • Adama Ukraine — UAH 4.85 million;
  • Frandesa Ukraine — UAH 4.13 million;
  • Kolos-VS Corporation — UAH 1.42 million;
  • Agrotechnosouz — UAH 845.6 thou.

According to the Register of Court Decisions, the court allowed the claim of SAATBAU Ukraine to Imperia-Agro for the recovery of UAH 14.08 million.

A multi-million conflict arose between Imperia-Agro and TAScombank in April 2018 caused by a UAH 300 million loan granted to Imperia-Agro. As a result of the conflict between the bank and the company, the agricultural companies suffered losses as they contracted to purchase material and technical resources and stored products at Imperia-Agro's warehouses.

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