Ukraine exceeded wheat export limit under the Memorandum

Since the start of 2018/19, Ukraine exported 40 mmt of grains including 13.7 mmt of wheat, the State Service of Ukraine on Food Safety and Consumer Protection (SSUFSCP) informs.

Milling wheat was exported in the amount of 9 mmt and fodder wheat — 4.8 mmt. Barley shipments exceeded 3.2 mmt, while corn was supplied in the amount of 22 mmt.

The total agreed indicative volume of wheat exports under the Memorandum of Understanding for 2018/19 is 16 million tons, that is milling and fodder wheat will be exported in equal volumes — 8 mmt each.

Over the corresponding period of the previous marketing year, grains were exported from Ukraine in the following volumes:

  • 14.8 mmt of wheat, including 8.4 mmt of milling wheat and 6.4 mmt of fodder;
  • 4 mmt of barley;
  • 13.5 mmt of corn.

In the current marketing year, 4 mmt of oilseed crops were shipped, 0.5 mmt less from the corresponding period of 2017/18.

Previously reported that early spring grain and leguminous crops were sown on an area of 2 million hectares, accounting for 89 pct of the projected areas.

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