Another biogas plant launched in Ukraine

A biogas station with a capacity of 2.4 MW was launched in Kyiv region, AgroTimes reports with reference to the contractor Zorg Biogas.

The station provides for the processing of 300 tons of sugar beet pulp per day on traditional technology.

"The biogas station consists of two 3.8 thou. m³ reactors and a 3.8 thou. m³ apparatus for the anaerobic fermentation," the report says.

This is the third project implemented by Zorg Biogas for one customer. Previously, the company constructed two stations in Chernihiv region: a 2.4 MW facility in Lynovytsia and 1.2 MW in Zhuravka.

By the end of Q1 2019, the combined capacity of biogas plants constructed in Ukraine reached 51 MW, 3x more than by the end of 2015 — 18 MW. The facilities process agricultural residues and other waste.

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