MHP outlined key ecological principles of its operation

Quality products and modern safe technologies are priority tasks in the strategic development program of the Myronivsky Hliboproduct agro-industrial holding (MHP). This was informed by Alexander Semenets, the Chief Ecologist of MHP.

"We are responsible not only for our work but also for the well-being of the people who live in the communities where our facilities are located. Therefore, strict compliance with environmental safety standards is the basis for the successful development of MHP and personal responsibility of each employee of the company," said Alexander Semenets.

The chief ecologist noted that compliance with environmental safety standards is controlled not only by national and international inspection bodies but by permanent ecologists at MHP and public environmental organizations as well.

MHP applies energy-saving technologies, builds biogas complexes for processing of organic production wastes, takes comprehensive measures to preserve the environment in settlements.

He also emphasized that over the past few years none of the companies of the Group had been fined for violation of environmental regulations.

"The agriholding has developed a unified form of internal reporting on environmental issues covering all enterprises. Currently, such reporting includes 7 blocks containing information on waste, wastewater, emissions into the atmosphere, resources consumed, environmental complaints and penalties based on the results of environmental audits. Over the past few years, such sanctions have not been applied to MHP enterprises," MHP chief ecologist stressed.

By the report, at each enterprise of agriholding, five obligatory registers exist which are annually updated. The information helps ecologists to assess current risks, prevent environmental violations, build an environmental management strategy using modern treatment systems and processing complexes.

NOTE: in 2019, MHP entered the top 20 largest Ukrainian companies in the rating compiled by the VD (Vlast Deneg) magazine, "Best Environmental Programs".

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