Wheat planted area in the US a century low, USDA report

All wheat planted area for 2019 is estimated at 45.6 million acres (18.21 million hectares), down 5 percent from 2018 (19.02 million hectares), USDA reports.

This represents the lowest all wheat planted area on record since records began in 1919. The 2019 winter wheat planted area, at 31.8 million acres (12.55 million hectares), is down 2 percent from last year (12.95 million hectares) but up 1 percent from the previous estimate.

Key global wheat producers, importers and exporters (click for full resolution)

Of this total, about 22.7 million acres are Hard Red Winter, 5.54 million acres are Soft Red Winter, and 3.55 million acres are White Winter. Area planted to other spring wheat for 2019 is estimated at 12.4 million acres, down 6 percent from 2018. Of this total, about 12.0 million acres are Hard Red Spring wheat. Durum planted area for 2019 is estimated at 1.40 million acres, down 32 percent from the previous year.

Earlier it was reported that at June 23rd, 99 percent of corn areas in the United States were planted. In 2018, corn planting in the country was complete by June 9th.

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