Soybean planting in the US coming to an end, USDA report

As of June 30th, soybean planting in the US was 92 percent completed. Whereas last year, as of June 16th, sowing was already 96 percent done, USDA reports.

The data in the report is broken down by 18 states that planted 95 percent of the 2018 soybean acreage.

Soybean emerged on 83 percent of the areas, 15 percent less from the prior year period.

Crops condition is worse than in 2018. Crop tour results are as follows:

  • excellent — 7 percent (2018: 16 percent);
  • good — 47 percent (2018: 55 percent);
  • fair — 35 percent (2018: 23 percent).

As of June 30th, corn in the US emerged on 94 percent of the areas. As of the same date in 2018, corn emergence progressed to 100%.

Key world soybean producers and importers/exporters (click for full resolution)

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