Feodal.online farmland audit service launched in Ukraine

Feodal.online farmland audit service launched in Ukraine
Feodal.online farmland audit service launched in Ukraine

Feodal.online has been operating in test mode since early 2019, and in the first six months 530 customers used the service. In August 2019, Feodal.online will be available to all participants of the agricultural market.

"The first phase of market entry was successful. We received plenty of recommendations from respected producers, which allowed us to improve the quality of the product. Today we boldly enter a wide market and are ready to help all agrarians to monitor their land bank," says the founder of the service Andrey Demyanovych.

Service processes up to 5 000 requests per hour, the cost of each is UAH 0.9. Monitoring is conducted confidentially, as there is no need to involve third-party experts.

Service offers a number of advantages for the company and the creditor, namely:

  • Filling and updating information automatically in 1C and GIS.
  • Automatic informing in case of change of the user of the land plot — prompt reaction to re-registration of rights.
  • Help in timely preparation of information about land plots for the lease. It is possible to prepare the data for the agrarian receipt in 30 minutes.
  • Audit of the counterparty's land bank for the creditor.
  • Visual assessment of land plots belonging to certain land masses.

Previously, the service operated under the name Agroanalytics.pro. Since August the official name of the service is Feodal.online.

Change of the name from Agroanalytics.pro to Feodal.online

"Regardless of the cultivated farmland volume, one needs to preserve and control it. That's why our team came up with an ambitious name for the service — Feodal (formerly known as Agroanalytics). The name conveys the philosophy of the project — a clear understanding of who owns the land and is responsible for it," explains Mikhail Mukovoz, founder of "Branding Agency Mukovoz.Design", which re-branded the service.

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