Over eight years Ukrainian agribusiness lost a quarter of workers

Over the past eight years, the number of persons employed in agriculture decreased by almost 25%, from 690.5 thou. in 2010 to 516 thou. in 2018.

In the reporting period, the number of agricultural enterprises reduced as well, the State Statistics Service data proves. In 2010, there were 49 thou. of them in Ukraine, in 2011 there was a sharp decline to 39.9 thou., and in the following years, there was an increase to 48.7 thou. of economic entities (excluding forestry and fisheries).

The number of enterprises by size:

  • large — 23;
  • medium — 2.298;
  • small — 48.183, of which 42.907 are micro.

Over eight years, the ratio of enterprises by size did not change significantly. Thus, in 2010 there were 13 large enterprises, 3.440 medium enterprises (6.8%), 47.213 small enterprises (93.2%), of which 42.972 were micro-enterprises.

Earlier it was reported that 30 positions in the rating Top 100 Wealthiest People of Ukraine 2019 are held by businessmen engaged in agriculture.

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