Corn production in Ukraine surged 4x within a decade

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Over the past decade, corn production volumes in Ukraine increased 4x — from 10 to 40 mln t, AgroTimes reports. As noted by Deputy Director at ProAgro Group Mariya Kolesnyk, this volume is not the limit.

"In the coming years, we should expect further crop growth as a result of the wide application of new technological developments, highly productive seeds and modern machinery," said Mariya Kolesnyk.

According to her, domestic producers have room for improvement of crop yields, and this is where Ukrainian producers have been heading in recent years.

The average corn yield in Ukraine was 5.5 t/ha back in 2017, and last year it exceeded 7.8 t/ha.

"We should strive for a national average yield of at least 10 t/ha," added Deputy Director of ProAgro Group.

Reportedly, Ukrainian corn supply prices rose to USD 170 per ton FOB, while demand prices remain at USD 165-166 per ton FOB with delivery in December.

Corn production in Ukraine and worldwide (click for full resolution)

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