Poroshenko re-registered his agribusiness to elder son, Oleksiy Poroshenko

The President of Ukraine in 2014-2019 and MP Petro Poroshenko re-registered his agricultural assets to his eldest son, Oleksiy Poroshenko.

According to the data of the YouControl analytical system, Oleksiy Poroshenko is the ultimate beneficiary of UKRPROMINVEST-AGRO. According to Opendatabot, the change in ownership was made on October 31, 2019.

In the period of November–December, Oleksiy Poroshenko became the beneficiary of a number of other agricultural enterprises, including Agroproprodinvest (managing company), FC Podillya, FC Zorya Podillya, Vinnytsya Cereal Integrated Plant No.2, Dniproagrolan, Ivankivtsi, Mas-Agro, Pravoberezhnoye and Progress-NT.

In November of the current year, Petro Poroshenko re-registered part of his confectionery business, Roshen, to Oleksiy Poroshenko.

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