Poltava region started spring crops sowing campaign

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Poltava region of Ukraine has started conducting spring field works. Favourable weather conditions facilitated the start of spring crops sowing campaign a week earlier from the previous year.

Under the Poltava Regional State Administration report, by Mar. 19 early grain crops were sown on 31.4 thou. ha, including 30.6 of barley, 0.5 thou. ha of peas, 0.3 thou. ha of oats.

Winter grain crops covering 237.7 thou. ha are in good and fair condition.

"Early field work, early resumption of winter crops' vegetation bring good expectations and prospects for the current production year, provided there is sufficient moistening in the subsequent period," the report says.

The region's agricultural enterprises are provided with material and technical resources. The machinery fleet of agricultural enterprises of the region is also ready to carry out the complex of spring field works.

Previously reported that agriproducers in Odesa region started sunflower sowing campaign.Agricultural specialization of Ukrainian regions (click for full resolution)

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