Tunisia booked 150 thou. t of grain

During the July 30 tender, Tunisia purchased 50 thou. t of soft wheat, 25 thou. t of durum wheat and 75 thou. t of barley for October 2020 shipment, the APK-Inform consultancy reports.

As reported, two soft wheat consignments will be supplied by Solaris: 25 thou. t each at 225.95 and 226.87 USD/t C&F.

Durum wheat was booked from Bunge at 321.2 USD/t C&F.

Soufflet will deliver 25 thou. t of barley at 207.14 USD/t, Lecureur two consignments of grain 25 thou. t each at 205.4 and 204.99 USD/t.

As a reminder, the Egyptian national buyer GASC purchased 470,000 t of wheat, by far the largest volume contracted for the 2020/21 MY.

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