Ukraine's largest thermal power plant operating on sunflower husk launched at oil crushing plant

Aiaks-Dnipro, Ukraine's largest biomass thermal power plant (TPP) with a capacity of 16 MW was commissioned in Dnipro, Bioenergy Association of Ukraine informs.

Aiaks-Dnepr TPP is located outside the Potoky sunflower oil plant, Alef Corporation enterprise in Dnipro.

As reported, the main fuel is sunflower husk. However, steam boilers can operate on different types of biomass in addition to sunflower husk and pellets: wood chips and waste from production, transportation and processing of sunflower.

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"Such capacity of TPP on biofuel is the only one in Ukraine so far. In terms of technical and environmental indicators, this TPP can safely compete with international counterparts," noted the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine.

Previously reported that I&U Group, a parent company for Agrospetsservice, completed the construction of a 6 MWh biogas complex.

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