Precision farming training video course by Kultivariy and Travelite started in Ukraine, focus on US and Canada

Kultivariy and Travelite precision farming video course
Kultivariy and Travelite precision farming video course
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Under the conditions of permanent lockdown and closed borders, there is an increased demand for knowledge, especially from foreign specialists. The expertise of practitioners from such leading agrarian countries in North America is in particularly high demand.

To meet the need of agriproducers, Kultivariy education platform together with Travelite company is launching the "Video Course: Precision Farming in the USA and Canada". The course was designed based on the Online AgroExpedition on Precision Farming, which ran between June 1-15, 2020.

As part of the course, American and Canadian agrarians, scientists, research laboratories and service companies will share practical experience in the implementation and practice of precision farming.

Ukrainian agrarians will benefit from learning the specifics of growing crops in the Midwest, as the region lies in the same latitude as Ukraine's agribusiness.

The course consists of 32 video lectures lasting 30 hours of watch time on the following topics:

  • Precision farming: the present and the future
  • Review of 9 agricultural companies in the USA and Canada
  • Recommendations for fertilizer application
  • Practical advice from scientists on all stages of corn, soybean, wheat, sunflower, canola and barley growing
  • Irrigation technology
  • Brassinosteroids (BRs) and large-scale agronomy
  • Overview of WARD and Seed Lab, KSU soil Lab, MKC and CHS cooperatives
  • Technical solutions for precision farming
  • Use of PXRF and VisNIR technologies

The developers collaborated with 11 precision farming systems service companies and four leading US agricultural universities to create the course.

"Friends, knowledge transcends miles, borders and lockdowns. Imagine the gurus of agricultural science in the Midwest coming to you to share knowledge about crop production technologies, nutrition and irrigation in severe drought conditions. Imagine productive agrarians opening the doors of their farms and providing details on how they manage to accelerate production processes and reach the next level of productivity. Imagine internationally renowned service companies bringing their precision farming expertise to your farm. This is how it will be in the course '"Precision Farming in the USA and Canada'", a joint product of Travelite and Kultivariy supported by top US agricultural universities," notes Aleksandra Kamyshina, head of Kultivariy education platform.

The video course will present information on how seeds are analysed in world-renowned laboratories, to which Ukrainian farmers send their materials, and how precision farming techniques and equipment are produced and tested.

Nine farms will also take part in the course, specifically chosen for their level of implementation of precision farming, production solutions and, of course, the results obtained. Most of the farms are long-standing family businesses and unique experiences, where the professionalism of each farmer is cultivated from birth. Farm owners and managers recorded an overview video of the farms and answered essential questions for Ukrainian producers.

"In the video course, we address practically and economically proven precision farming technologies that work successfully in the USA and Canada. You will see a complete picture of the agro-industry in North America, where agricultural science, laboratories, and service support are there to support farmers," said Roman Hrynyshyn, director and founder of Travelite.

Click here to find out more about the "Precision Farming in the USA and Canada" video course.

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