Ukraine partially exhausted EU export quotas: product groups list

Within the framework of the free trade agreement, in 2020 Ukraine 100% exhausted its annual quotas on the duty-free supply of grape and apple juice (20 thou. t of annual volume), honey (6 thou. t) and processed tomatoes (10 thou. t) to the European Union, Radiosvoboda reports with reference to the Economy Ministry data.

Annual quotas partially used up:

  • barley groats and flour (7.8 thou. t per year): 83%
  • corn, cornmeal and granules (650 thou. t): 74%
  • sugar (over 20 thou. t): 45%
  • starch (10 thou. t): 34%
  • processed cereal products (2 thou. t): 30%
  • poultry meat and co-products (70 thou. t of basic and 20 thou. t of additional quota): 25% and 4%, respectively
  • eggs and albumin (3 thou. t of basic and 3 thou. t of additional quota): 25% and 0%, respectively
  • oats (4 thou. t): 21%
  • garlic (500 t): 16%
  • soft wheat, wheat flour and granules (1 mln t): 13%
  • bran, waste and residues (22 thou. t): 10%
  • processed milk products (2 thou. t): 5%
  • malt and starch products (2 thou. t): 4%
  • sugar products (3 thousand tonnes): 3%

Quotas less than 2% filled:

  • butter and dairy paste (3 thou. t)
  • barley, barley flour and pellets (350 thou. t)
  • processed starch (2 thou. t)
  • ethanol (100 thou. t)
  • other sugar products (20 thou. t)
  • foodstuffs (2 thou. t)
  • sugar syrups (2 thou. t)
  • mushrooms (1 thou. t under the basic quota and additional quota combined)

"Quotas have not been reached for malt and wheat gluten (7 thou. t), dairy cream products (500 t), milk, cream, condensed milk and yoghurt (10 thou. t), cigars and cigarettes (2 thou. t), butter products (250 t), sorbitol and mannitol (100 t)," the message reads.

The Ministry of Economy has no data on the exhaustion of annual quotas for mutton, beef and pork, as it has no access to the market.

EU export quotas are set for 36 product groups.

Staple grains export shipment from Ukraine has made up 33.41 mln t since the start of the 2020/21 season. As of Mar. 15, agricultural commodities shipment dropped by 9.98 mln t or 23% from the prior year's comparative period.

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