Agroliga net profit slid 36% in 2020

Agroliga reported EUR 4.29 mln of net profit for the year 2020, 36% or EUR 2.46 mln lower YoY (2019: EUR 6.75 mln).

The company's revenue totalled EUR 70.12 mln, 39% higher YoY (2019: EUR 50.44 mln). The gross profit for the period grew by 22% to EUR 12.9 mln (2019: EUR 10.6 mln), the operating profit decreased by 1.7x to EUR 4.63 mln (2019: EUR 8.02 mln).

EBITDA cut back by 33% to EUR 7.55 mln (2019: EUR 11.2 mln). Agroliga's net debt climbed by 27% to EUR 27.24 mln vs. EUR 21.47 mln in 2019. The ratio of net debt to EBITDA for the reporting period was 3.61 (2019: 1.92).

Previously the company informed about its plans upon farmland market opening in Ukraine.

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