Borys Kolesnikov rejected KONTI's purchase of confectionery in Russia

The owner of the Donetsk-based confectionery company KONTI Borys Kolesnikov denied the purchase of Krasnaya Zaria (Красная заря) factory in Ivanovo, Russia, Interfax-Ukraine reports.

He explains that he has been on the Russian sanctions list since 2018 for his pro-Ukrainian views.

Borys Kolesnikov also adds that KONTI has no links with the Russian law firm United Partners.

"I have been under Russian sanctions since 2018, how can I be involved in buying this company?" he asks.

Under the data of the YouControl analytical system, the ultimate beneficiaries of KONTI are Ukrainian businessman and politician Borys Kolesnikov and his wife, Svitlana Kolesnikova, who hold an equal share of 24.99% each in the company.

Previously Vedomosti wrote about the upcoming deal, referring to investment advisers and a person close to the matter.

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