Forbes Ukraine rated richest Ukrainians, agribusinessmen

In the latest rating TOP 100 wealthiest Ukrainians by Forbes Ukraine, 28 representatives of agribusiness are included.

76 participants of the first hundred have increased their wealth over the year. Their wealth surged by 42%, to USD 44.5 bln. Hence, the entry ticket to the TOP 100 went up by a third, to USD 125 mln.

In addition, the list is 21%: 14 participants entered the TOP 100 for the first time, while seven returned after a while. Among the newcomers, the highest representation is in IT and energy businesses.

The rating features the following agribusinessmen:

  • Alexander and Galina Gerega, founders of Epicenter K, with USD 1.7 bln
  • Petro Poroshenko, ex-President of Ukraine (2014-2019), beneficial owner of Roshen, with USD 1.6 bln
  • Yuri Kosyuk, owner and CEO of the agro-industrial holding MHP, with USD 780 mln
  • Gennadiy Butkevich, co-owner of the corporation ATB, with USD 530 mln
  • Andrey Verevskiy, founder and co-owner of Kernel agricultural holding, with USD 520 mln
  • Viktor Karachun, co-owner of the corporation ATB, with USD 505 mln
  • Yevgeniy Yermakov, co-owner of the corporation ATB, with USD 505 mln
  • Vitaliy Khomutynnik, Cascade Investment Fund ultimate beneficiary, with USD 465 mln
  • Alexey Vadatursky, co-owner and CEO of NIBULON, with USD 430 mln
  • Dmitriy Firtash, founder and owner of Group DF (Ostchem being a structural division of the Group), with USD 420 mln
  • Vladimir Kostelman, CEO of Fozzy Group, with USD 280 mln
  • Andrey Stavnitser, co-owner of TIS Group, with USD 215 mln
  • Egor Grebennikov, co-owner of TIS Group, with USD 200 mln
  • Boris Kolesnikov, co-owner of the companies APK-Invest and KONTI, with USD 190 mln
  • Vyacheslav Moskalevskiy, CEO of Roshen, with USD 175 mln
  • Sergei Labaziuk, honorary president of Vitagro, with USD 165 mln
  • Pavel Ovcharenko, ex-head of the agrogroup Agrain, with USD 160 mln
  • Stanislav Voytovich, co-owner of Terra Food group of companies, with USD 150 mln
  • Aleksandr Petrov, Chairman of the Board of IMC, with USD 150 mln
  • Rafael Goroyan, head of Prometey Group of Companies, with USD 145 mln
  • Yakov Gribov, co-owner of Nemiroff, founder of Zernotrade, with USD 140 mln
  • Sergei Krolevets, owner of the company Eridon, with USD 140 mln
  • Sergei Sypko, president of Agrofusion, with USD 135 mln
  • Viktor Ivanchyk, CEO of the agro-industrial holding Astarta-Kyiv, with USD 130 mln
  • Vadim Nesterenko, founder of Ristone Holdings, with USD 130 mln
  • Oleg Sotnikov, co-owner of Fozzy Group, with USD 130 mln
  • Roman Chigir, co-owner of Fozzy Group, with USD 130 mln
  • Anatoliy Shkriblyak, owner of Agricom Group, with USD 130 mln

Previously reported that the market cap of Kernel for the period of April 29-May 5 reduced by 0.8%, MHP's remained flat, Astarta's increased by 5.9%.

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