Milkiland transfers corporate seat from Netherlands to Cyprus

Milkiland dairy company plans a transfer of its corporate seat from the Netherlands to Cyprus. The company is now controlled by its holding Cypriot company, Milkiland Public Company Limited.

It is reported that Milkiland Group passed the restructuring.

Due to the necessity of correct reflection of all of the consequences of the Group's restructuring to Milkiland's financial standing as of 31 March 2021, as well as temporarily difficulties for the financial specialists of the Group to carry on its day-to-day activities on the back of continuing anti-COVID-19 limitations imposed by the official authorities in the Group's countries of operations, the publication of the Consolidated financial statements of Milkiland Group for the first quarter of 2021, will be shifted to 21 June 2021, the company says in a statement.

Milkiland's market cap for the period of June 3-9 increased by 44.4% to USD 11 mln.

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