Largest amount of state support in 2021 received by five agriculture companies

The Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine launched a service "State Support" which provides agriproducers with a detailed analysis of payments under all state programmes and informs them about all financial payments and opportunities, reports.

Currently, the service features the data on state support distribution in 2019-2021.

The dynamics of state support allocation for agriculture companies in Ukraine in 2018-2022 (UAH bln):

  • 2022: 4.6 (suggested)
  • 2021: 4.5
  • 2020: 4 (the amount was revised in the state budget thereafter)
  • 2019: 5.9
  • 2018: 6.3

It is noted that UAH 13.3 bln of state support in the agribusiness sector has been used in Ukraine over the past three years.

For the year 2021, UAH 6.5 bln of state support for agribusiness was budgeted. The actual amount expended was UAH 4.7 bln:

  • financial support to agricultural producers: UAH 4.66 bln
  • loans to farming enterprises (FE): UAH 50 mln

Agribusiness crediting in Ukraine (click for higher resolution)

Top five agriculture companies by the amount of state support received in 2021:

  • Enselco Agro LLC (a subsidiary of Kernel): UAH 56 mln
  • Grain Alliance LLC (Baryshivska Grain Company): UAH 47 mln
  • Palmira Grain LLC: UAH 41 mln
  • FE Adelaida: UAH 35 mln
  • PC Dniprovsky LLC: UAH 33 mln

Previously reported that Kernel paid UAH 1.22 bln of taxes in 2021. In December 2021, Kernel was refunded with UAH 1,055.14 mln of VAT.

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