UKRPROMINVEST-AGRO partners with agrarians to produce more sugar beet in 2022

In the 2022 season, agricultural producers are encouraged by UKRPROMINVEST-AGRO to increase the sugar beet area.

The holding's management had a meeting with nearly 40 agricultural producers on the work of the joint food programme "Sugar Beet — the Choice of the Wise" in wartime conditions. The meeting was held at the enterprise Zorya Podillya, where the producers discussed the current season's challenges and possible ways to address them, the Ukrainian agricultural market's prospects and the development of the sugar beet partnership programme.

Agriproducers were assured by UPI-AGRO management that all the services offered will be available this year as well and that the list of options will be expanded.

"Amid the ongoing difficulties the country is having with grain and oilseed exports due to the destruction of traditional logistical chains and the lockdown of ports, sugar beet, along with sugar, is once again gaining the attention of agrarians. Many remember the 1990s when it was sugar that was the equivalent of currency, reliable and stable. That is why today many land share owners insist on receiving rents with sugar," says Roman Ohorodov, First Deputy General Director of UPI-AGRO.

In wartime conditions, agriproducers claim they are ready to expand the contracted area of sugar beet.

"Unlike grains and oilseeds, which are traditionally export-oriented, beet sugar is largely consumed domestically, so it is not subject to the existing logistical risk," adds Roman Ohorodov.

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UKRPROMINVEST marks that its plants are versatile and will run not only on gas but also on alternative fuels: coal, pellets, granulated pulp. Thus, by using alternative energy resources, UPI-AGRO has a lower cost of processing and does not depend on russian natural gas supplies. It is noted that this guarantees that sugar beet — both the company's and from third parties — will be processed.

Beet sugar industry in Ukraine (click for higher resolution)

Previously reported that CFG with plant 1 thou. ha for sugar beet in the 2022 production season.

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